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#5 - What goes up......

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Sometimes it's just not your day.

Sunday January 12th, Las Vegas Country Club. Playing compadres the same as last weekend; Julien Munoz, David Rhoden and Shawn Rowe. #julienjujumunoz #rhodenbuilt #srowegolf_89

In hindsight I had it coming. 8 strikes with a 7 iron off a mat arguably not the best means of preparation for a guy who two days prior had some fairly fundamental changes made to his swing (#4 - The hips don't lie).

The snap hook off the first a miserable indication of what was to come. Maybe the practice area would have been a better option for today but opportunities like this don't grow on trees, the sun was shining (not a galloping shock in Vegas) and the company stellar.

Lessons learned - don't give up. I learned a lot today from the book of scrambling and from watching a truly epic display of power from Team Club Champion.

Lesson 2 - don't try and compete with guys who fire howitzers off the tee.

Summary. The bad days will come. To have the rainbow you have to have the rain....and the Bellagio to aim at - see below.

1 x ICBM heading West..... #piped

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