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#1 - Welcome to the inaugural NeverLayUp Blog.

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

The Journey fro Fairway Ape to Living Under-Par

My name is Ben. Married, father, golfer - well the last is up for debate. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada but will be leaving the desert for the UK later this year, rattle snakes replaced by rakes and tumble weed with plain old weeds. is an insight-via-BLOG into the life of an amateur player (me) as I try to leave frustration in search of success and perhaps the odd fist-pump on the course. My hope is that by sharing my journey you’ll perhaps pick up a tip or two but also know others out there share your pain. The site is also a means for you to connect with me and likeminded others who perhaps struggle with the game to succeed as a collective; many minds and swings, make light work. The site will have links to various areas of the golf world from travel companies, the other BLOGers and VLOGers to mental health groups who have put the sport firmly on the map of wellbeing.

As the journey progresses so will the site and the ‘tribe’ - that’s you. The perfect end state to perhaps meet with some of you around the world to share war stories and hopefully a beer.

So, my game. Am I crap? No. Do I hit crap shots? Every day.  Currently devoid of a handicap I’d best describe my time on the course as from the sublime to the ridiculous….and this is where the frustration starts. I know I can hit good shots but consistency is my nemesis, especially with the Big Dog - by far my most nervous shot on the course. More on the driver to follow but I’m certain this will ring true with many of you out there too.

Why do this now you may ask? A couple of reasons really. Firstly I’ve never really felt great at anything but I see shooting a 74-78 as a bucket-list entry that is achievable with effort and above all else dedication. Secondly I’ve just been fitted, the full bag as you can see on the home page. This means no excuses regarding old equipment, shaft flex or face balanced v toe-hang putting strokes. Again, I’ll talk more about my fitting in a future BLOG.

What I hope to deliver to you. The good, the bad and the ugly. No mulligans or gimmies. No two-ball-better-ball scoring and finally, to start with, no handicap. All scores will be gross.

What I’d like from you. Ideas, tips, links, anything you wish to share to us as a group. Your 'miss' as well as your near-hole-out story. Mine (currently) is a draw / hook /  snap-hook drive blended with overthinking everything!

So my first request as my wife and I plan for our move back to the United Kingdom. Course recommendations in and around Carlisle, Cumbria - soon to be our home.

Thanks for joining me. This should be a lot of fun, if nothing else.

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