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#35 - Sometimes the planets align......

Last week saw my best outing to date. -1 after 6 and +1 through 10 when daylight (rather lack of) led to a walk-in, smiles and most importantly belief. Yes I dropped 2 shots in the final four holes but lets focus on the positives. I was playing golf....and enjoying it. The 314 (ish) yard 5-wood the highlight of another wonderful Buckinghamshire evening. Arguably a birdie by design but that's life tee-to-green. Missed birdie? Yes. Missed opportunity? Absolutely, 100%. That sad banking Pars is where Royal and Ancient morale goes to relax and what I need to achieve scratch golf.

So what now you may ask. More golf I hope - Mother Nature please take note.

+1 through 10 holes really was a first for me and hopefully a sign of things (and swings) to come. Whether or not this score was in fact a temporary eclipse from my average game only time will tell and a howling 'hosel-rocket*' triple bogey may be lurking just around the corner. Even so I believe I can put together a score now which is perhaps the most important takeaway.

Sincere thanks must go to Ignatius for the tips and support and for staying out when no amount of antihistamine could help.

*hosel-rocket - a more humorous and widely accepted term used to avoid committing golfing harrakirri. Using the S-word - shank, is ritual social suicide on any course. Plain old shit - example; "man that was a bit shit" is much more PC.

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