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#6 - Failing well and reflection.

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Yesterday's round was a gut punch. I was pretty awful bar four drives. Like my last career in the military (Royal Air Force) the self-debrief last night was both brutal but also cathartic and now it's time to move on. Pick your analogy; "dust off, chin up, get back on the horse" they all really follow the mantra of do - review - apply. A military ethos of biblical importance.

Ray Dalio's book; "Principles", is awesome. A gift from my Brother-in-Law (thanks Matt) it's both an easy read but hits home at the importance how to 'fail well'. If you have goals be ready to fail AND TO LEARN. Whatever it is you're looking to achieve expect failure and account for this with timelines, morale (of the team) and expectation management. What I learned yesterday is that my own journey in golf just got significantly longer.

The simple (edited) diagram below better explains the concept as pictures always do.....

Ray Dalio. "Priciples, 2017"

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