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#19 - Bend ze knees....ya'll.

Time to step away from the swing.

After the disappointment of last Wednesday and the horror show of my performance off the tee with Driver in hand we’ve swapped green fairways for white ones – enter Brian Head, Utah.

There is a humorous irony that my driver, the Cobra "F9", resonates to the 9 times it muttered its own ‘F-something’ to me during the round. I definitely lost that day but it's time to dust off and move on by swapping 'the tips' for the trails.

So, skis strapped to the car we’ve headed North where I feel far more Jedi than Padawan, hitting each piste with the confidence not yet found on the course and feeling a huge sense of happiness teaching the next L-W generation about edges via the “pizza and fries” model. Sorry, UK – chips.

Whilst an immediate lesson, you-tube-please-help-me search and 90 balls at the practice area came into view heading home on Wednesday, actually leaving the clubs alone for a few days has been a wonderfully cleansing experience leaving me ready to get back in the bay to finally iron out the ‘double-cross’ snap hook.

So please don’t be afraid to step back in order to move forward. Often the following steps are that much bigger.

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