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#9 - Time to try something new.....

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Friday 17th January, Rhodes Ranch. Lesson #2 with Shawn Rowe (#srowegolf_89) and what could be the beginning of the future.

"Back to basics", "Square One", "A New Tack" - all lines from Shawn and all taken on-board. Yesterday we tried something new as I was still struggling, really struggling. I won't go into the detail here but please message me if you'd like more information on the DJ Swing. What was more important was the realisation that my current set-up simply wasn't working.....and to grab a spoon.

An old Boss of mine once said whenever you have a task to ensure you understand the problem before doing anything else. In this case it was acknowledging things weren't good and buying into a new concept.

"Because I've always done it that way" was left down range. Good times.

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