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#8 - Are 'Gimmes' a good thing....?

For those less inclined to wear plaid trousers or jumpers with triangles on them a 'gimme' is a gift from your opponent presented on a green - their choice to say "Just pick up the ball because you'll definitely make that putt" rather than asking you to actually hit the ball....and potentially miss.

Gimmes are a part of golfing tradition. Only their length open to debate, often the subject of conversation in the 19th (the bar) when an expected gimme wasn't given and almost always when money is at stake.

This got me thinking of my own game and decision points in life. I've missed three foot putts on countless occasions, perhaps due lack of practice because I've been given them over and over again rather than finishing the hole properly.

Looking back through life have I accepted gimmes when the better play would have been to try it out, possibly fail but to learn from the experience and be better prepared for the future. Are we all guilty of taking the easy route if offered? Is it just part of life and the natural way we work...?

Even the best miss the 'easy' ones....

Practice life. Try and avoid the gimmes.

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