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#7 - The fairways of life....

Yesterday, out of the blue, I was presented with a second career opportunity. A great role, one which I know I can do but like so many things a decision that comes with several buts and future sacrifice.

I've stalled. Questions are everywhere but all the answers lead with might, could or should. In golfing terms I'd be staring at the bag deliberating club selection questioning whether the risk is worth the reward. Life, like golf, a process of evaluating "the outs" before making a decision. "The out" better known as the what ifs or consequences.

What I do know is that at some point you have to pull a club and commit to whatever path you've chosen. After 18 years in aviation stalling never ends well.

If you too are sat in a coffee shop mulling over something similar know you're not alone and that advice, whilst great, will come from those who strive for empathy yet council from their own (subliminal) position where consequences are theoretical and have little literal weight.

Listen and absorb but the shot is yours to take.

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