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#42 - The early bird…..

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

The new year has started well. A balance of practice, play and reuniting with friends after months of separation. A long overdue catch-up the start of things to come as Team L-W emerges from lock-down life.

So, pledges for the year.

  • Do more with friends

  • Continue to develop the work-life balance. Family first.

  • Play at least once every week in addition to the buckets of balls

  • Keep the children playing whilst continuing to prop up the Harleyford bar via hot chocolates

  • Invest in lessons, not clubs

  • Achieve the handicap - any number better than none at all

The frozen greens and mud balls will be here for sometime but the days are already getting longer and the evenings lighter. The plan is to maximise the daylight and “catch the worm”. With children that wake at 0630 this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge and when it’s not raining our corner of Buckinghamshire is stunning place to live and play.

Lots of Blogging to follow as the year moves from frostbitten range work to holes on the course and hopefully more lunches, dinners and drinks with friends. Feel free to join us….

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