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#41 - A Family Affair

Whilst in the RAF I was always happiest teaching others. Experience is a currency without notes or coins but no less valuable - lessons learned are always of benefit to others. So, to break away from my own range surgery sessions I’ve focussed on the munchkins.

The first challenge; two children aged six and eight - the kicker they both call me Dad which brings an interesting, sometimes frustrating, dynamic to instruction. They both appear to enjoy hitting balls followed by a bacon sandwich although the promise of the latter may well fuel support for the former.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching our two. Quality time doing something we all enjoy that doesn’t include an iTunes account or Roblox subscription. Fresh air really is the soup for the soul even when the skies are grey and rain is imminent.

Early reports are strong which is awesome. The result of the gift of youth; flexibility combined with power and a healthy sprinkle of a thirst to learn something new. As golfers they are chalk and cheese in their approach but both have a great swing. They just need to realise golf is the rocket launch of sport; a thousand actions happening in quick succession to allow one result. It’s going to take time and practice to get it right.

Enter Challenge 2: “Patience is a virtue” holds little sway with children - Houston, we have a problem.

Updates to follow as is a move to the course for the young Padawans come the Spring.

In other news I managed to play again this week. Wet and wild but again it’s great to be out on the course.

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