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#4 - "The Hips Don't Lie...." - Shakira 2009

Updated: Jan 12, 2020


Friday, January 10 - my first lesson with Shawn Rowe at Rhodes Ranch and a true Eureka moment. A painfully simple case of you don't know what you don't know. Luckily Shawn does, diagnosing my 'issues' in seconds leaving the next 58 minutes available for the fix(es).

My big three and focus for lesson #1;

  1. Ball too far back in the stance - the club head not meeting the ball in the sweet zone creating the wrong flight path.

  2. Ball too far away - bending over puts pressure on the knees and reduces their ability to transition weight.

  3. The Shakira headline - you must, must, MUST fire the hips. My swing was all arms and shoulders leading to a super-handsie point of contact and turnover which leads to the pull, hook and infamous snapper.

A couple of simple and wonderfully kinaesthetic training exercises later and I've piped the Big-Dog, something not seen for a while. The sheer joy at hitting a solid shot was epic.

An additional lesson, happening in unison with me swinging the club, was more reflective and something I need to share with you all;

Teat social media 'self-help' with respect.

Like so many I sit and watch the YouTube personalities offering all sorts of miss-hit causes and remedies. In hindsight undoubtedly confusing an already muddled swing when I should I have booked a lesson. I mean no disrespect to those who make a living publishing such content but nothing beats getting out there with a PGA professional to breakdown the swing elements. I'm sure they'd agree.

So, what now? Practice, practice, practice before lesson #2 some time later this month. Golf isn't like riding a bike - the clubs now live in the car. I hope for those also struggling you find your own Eureka moment soon. It's awesome.

#srowegolf_89 - PGA Professional, Rhodes Ranch Golf Club

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Julien Munoz
Julien Munoz
15 jan. 2020

This had me laughing. " the hips don't lie" hahaha

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