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#39 - Sometimes just go with how it feels

A fundamental element to the change of (life) tack has been to take heed of a motivational speaker from some time in the 00s. To loosely paraphrase; “If you want to succeed stop watching f***ing Lost”. In 2021 Lost can be substituted with whatever Netflix or Amazon are pushing but the sentiment remains the same. As the nights draw in I’m determined not to inadvertently hibernate on the couch waiting for the snow to thaw.

TV has it's place. It just can't be the default place.

To that end today has been busy but energy remains, even at 22:00. Up at 0600 (thanks Dog), an hour‘s flying, office work + home schooling I managed to carve out 40 minutes at the practice area....sort of.

If I’m honest the 50 balls were technically not overly productive - I couldn’t see a thing outside of twenty yards as the balls disappeared into the murk. You can also feel when you find the middle of the club and more so when you don’t. This evening was effectively swing braille. Each shot assessed by the club head and feedback passed up the shaft - very much open and honest reporting. Overall I think the session went well but perhaps the guy who collects the balls will tell me otherwise. The watching Harleyford Pride seemed pretty content with my grouping at least…..

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