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#36 - What's the worst that can happen...?

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Recently I have been introduced to a new concept aimed to a) improve consistency and b) test one's resolve whilst crashing into your inner peace with a truck, perhaps a golf cart. 2-Ball-Worse-Ball, as it is known, is the event horizon of golf; there is no escape.

Let me explain....

The miserable inverse of the 'Better-Ball' style of play where a partnership select the best shot to continue from 'Worse-Ball' is all about you. More so it's about your ability to repeat the physical algorithm that is a golf swing for a second time in quick succession. Exactly the same shot - twice on the bounce. Sounds easy. It's not and it sucks. Worse-Ball is akin to family Monopoly on Christmas Day. Need I say more?

The real killer in this is that there are no second chances or easy wins. No Mulligans or Breakfast Balls. You simply hit each shot twice and select the worst result to then continue from there, again with two balls. Any joy from ball #1 (3 foot from the pin for example) I quickly a distant memory as you wade through the deep rough looking for ball #2.

Whether it be the shot of a lifetime or a chunk displayed on a seismograph the salt in the wound is seeing the expression of those around you who have already realised (before you) that you're going to land on Park Lane with a Hotel. A sort of quietly humorous, sort of waiting to see your reaction and sort of "I'm just glad it's not me" all rolled into one.

Worst-Ball does have a positive spin - I think. It forces you to focus, really focus. It demands that you take your time and think through each shot. If like me you play quickly and often plough straight through a shot routine or practice swing try Worse-Ball and see what happens.

Enjoy folks. Try to anyway.

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