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#34 - The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The opportunity to meet a YouTube celebrity whilst also having a lesson was simply too much. After 3 years State-side, where a four hour car journey is akin to 'popping to the shops', the 60 minutes from Marlow to Newbury didn't even register. Enter Simon and SAS Golf - a nicer person you'll not meet.

I was fortunate to receive Simon's last lesson prior to Lock-down 2.0, the 7 iron pulled once introductions were complete and the 'what's in the bag' discussion was over. Surprisingly I didn't actually play (practice) too badly. That said, work is to be done if I'm going to reach the tunnel's end and Category 1* status.

Finding the 'light' is the missing piece. I need distance between my right elbow (ergo forearm) and my body. Known as trapping this is the basis of the pull, hook and double cross that have plagued my game for some time.

The same day I lost the course (cheers COVID) I gained a pre-shot routine to create the space to get the the club face square nice and early. Time to find a field and grab the wedge, muscle memory perhaps all any of us will achieve before December.

Sincere thanks to Simon. His ability to diagnose and translate into easy-speak is awesome. Maybe, just maybe we've found the homestretch. The flags going back onto the greens can't come soon enough.

*Catagory 1 - A Handicap of 5 or less. (aka Taming a Unicorn)

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