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#33 - Revenant

Updated: Sep 18, 2020



a person (golfer) who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead and / or out-of-bounds

The irony wasn't lost that the same day we watched Leonardo survive a bear mauling, I too felt a sense of reprieve from the Gods of Golf. The lesson with Jon and opportunity to consolidate is bearing fruit; a smattering of pars and the occasional birdie. Perhaps the odd bear mauling (likely limited to a frisky Muntjack in rural Buckinghamshire) is required in order to re-evaluate what's important and what needs to be done to make the pivotal step forward.

In my own case to stand tall in the backswing. I can provide testament that dipping into the ball creates a choke point for the arms (ergo club) on the downswing which is where the horror starts and bears appear.

So, what now. Onwards and upwards I hope. I was once given sage advice at work - "don't begin to provide the answers until you understand, really understand, the problem." I think I finally do - back to the practice area next week and if the weather holds a handicap by the end of the month.

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