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#32 - Unconscious competence is the new black, well Green.

Monday August 17th. For the first time since March I played well - really well. Another evening round, the course playing much longer after prolonged rain but after weeks of drought the new conditions were both welcome and exploited.

After a 'breakfast ball' start - a social Mulligan in British tongue - and a few distinctly average holes that ten minutes on the practice area could have avoided, I began to swing naturally and confidence grew. By the 5th, I was no longer thinking (overthinking if I'm honest) each shot but simply playing and enjoying the experience more than I have for some time. Ultimately, Golf is a cruel sport - eighty-something opportunities to once again display the hero-to-zero cliff edge. But, by the same token, pars and birdies are morale-in-a-can and will always keep you coming back for more.

I don't for one minute believe that I've had a Royal and Ancient epiphany. Next time, tomorrow if the rain ever stops, I'll likely have work to do but I know I can achieve conscious competence and that with continued effort finding 'the Green' is the next step.

It's all about getting into (or onto) the Green.

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