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#31 - Marlow, a money match and the molecular biologist

Possibly the easiest and most pleasurable loss of £5 in Buckinghamshire golfing history. A straight-up sunset matchplay pairing - the last ones out tackling the sprinklers and mowers as the greenskeepers fought the drought. On the plus-side launching bombs is significantly easier with 50 yards of runout yet this couldn't help me...nothing could. My playing partner's demonstration started on the first and simply continued. The surprise of watching yet another long iron land feet from the pin mirrored by the 3rd tee revelation that post lock-down year 3 at Uni could begin - enter the molecular biologist.

I won't lie, I played like a dick but had the pleasure of watching 9 holes played at 5 under par. Having given several Pro V1s* away I left the course smiling and looking forward to my next £5 outing. Looking ahead I'll probably just PayPal the fiver on the first tee and enjoy the show.

Iggy, thank you and well played.

*Pro V1 - a golf ball, for those who are more inclined to start on the 19th.

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