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#29 - Per Ardua ad Astra

"Through Adversity to the Stars" - the motto of the Royal Air Force, my now former employer. It feels a little weird to be labelled a Veteran as to date I've always thought you have to be super old to qualify although grey hairs are starting to show.

Retired, yes....but not retired-retired - my next role awaits me in the UK, COVID-19 throwing a spanner in our works like so many across the globe. C'est la vie.

To explain my motivations to leave military service would need an evening and beer. The short hand is that a natural fork in the road appeared, brought about by a MedCat (what you can and can't physically do), several years of working shifts and ultimately a growing desire to see what else is out there.

The RAF has been a fantastic career but it's time to move on and sample what else life has to offer. The experiences and qualifications I've gained over 18 years are the perfect launchpad for whatever lies ahead.

If you find yourself in a similar position have faith in your abilities. Making the decision to leave was a rollercoaster of emotion - the highs equally matched by the lows and self doubt. The decision however must be yours, my circumstances unique to me just like yours are to you. Way back when my wife summed up the options wonderfully simply with a coin, with each side representing an option. The question once the coin had landed whether I'd like to flip again?

The BLoG will continue. My hope that it remains a light-hearted chronicle of my journey through life, through golf. As we all come to terms with the virus and longer term ramifications it will be important to rest and take stock. Just don't lay-up.

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