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#28 - A chip off the old block....

I had promised a review of the swing net (#26 - The Mountain...) but alas COVID-19 has 'infected' the logistical supply route to my garage-based training set up. The company have been great - open and honest, explaining the issues and giving their best guess (late April) for the net to arrive. They have however sent a chipping basket as a stop-gap apology measure. Awesome I hear you say...yes, and no.

I could blame the Astroturf (we have no lawn), the lack of currency, perhaps even the virus but at the end of the day the arrival of the chipping aid has proven without doubt that I am crap around the greens. Chunks, thins and double-hits (all sound like Girl Scout Cookies) have plagued my opening week in the yard. Social isolation actually a Godsend as not even the neighbours can see my short game, or lack of it.

So - practice, practice, practice. Outside of school duties Monday through Friday I'll be in the garden attempting to find something I can take to the course once the restrictions are lifted and life can finally start to normalise. I'm thinking I'll have plenty of opportunity to get it right.

Stay safe everyone and be smart.

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