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#27 - The mountain and Muhammad (PBUH)

"Lock-down". Something we normally associate with a movie but what's normal in today's world?

It's time to move 'the mountain' or more specifically the course. Having checked down the back of the couch the $26,000 for a home simulator wasn't to be found but several pieces of lego and half a biscuit (age unknown) have now been liberated. So, a practice net it is. Way cheaper and just what I need to continue swinging the clubs whilst we all come to terms with the virus and social distancing. Helen's idea over supper the perfect COVID - Cabin Fever - Mental Health mitigation measure. Lock down has just become that much easier, my days ahead a mixture of self improvement and helping Archie with his own swing. Barring a UPS meltdown it should be here on Tuesday shortly followed by assembly and a first impressions review.

Take a moment to remind yourself of what makes you happy - I'm certain there will be a close alternative to help you through these days ahead of containment. Social distancing sucks but we all have a part to play. For all our sakes - play well.

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