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#25 - Avoid enclosed spaces you say...

After the 'excitement' of Friday evening (BLOG#24) focus is once again back to getting from tee-to-green in regulation.

The CDC recommendations to avoid human contact, mass group activities and enclosed spaces leaves me in no doubt that I should play this week, albeit alone. Finding a quiet course to practice will also provide solace from the 1st world craziness that I've witnessed over weekend. The panic buying started with santizer (fair enough) and quickly moved to bottled water and loo rolls culminating yesterday to include eggs, red meat and pretty much any produce that anxious shoppers saw others collect around. Honestly, if I had purchased a dozen red peppers (I only needed one) I think the store would have sold out in minutes as word spread of the clear (yet unknown) benefits of this cayenne marvel.

COVID-19 is a game-changer and timely reminder that we're guests on this rock we call home. Mother Nature has dealt a blow but we'll adapt and overcome - it's what we do. At the risk of sounding frightfully British please simply Keep Calm and Carry On Washing Your Hands.

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