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#23 - The darkest hour is just before dawn...

Sometimes it's easy to feel like giving in to the challenges life throws at you. Sat in the house, our home for just 7 more weeks I've recently found myself on the canvas. Attempting to secure a career in the UK (from Nevada) so much harder than I had planned for. The change of location from Cumbria to Buckinghamshire requiring a re-plan of fairly biblical proportions; finances, houses, the golf club of course ("Clubs" my wife shouts from the next room).

Some day I'll look back at 2020, hopefully armed with a glass of red and smile knowing that we made it - despite all the hurdles and red tape. For now though it's time to get up, dust off and move forward which will also include getting back out on to the course - 2 trips to the UK in 2 weeks not really conducive to swinging a club.

New lists have been made, targets set and a timely text from Lady L-W received. Come what may we'll be back in the UK in weeks few and as I've just been told - we're going to be ok.

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