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#22 - The future's bright, and hopefully green

Two transatlantic trips in 10 days. Both necessary to unpick and re-sew the family future in the UK. After 18 years humorously quoting the key to air power that is flexibility we’ve most certainly now put it to the test, and I think we’re winning. Good times.

Eight aircraft, six trains, four lounges with free WiFi (thank goodness) and one snow storm has provided ample thinking time to cogitate my place in life’s rich tapestry and more so, how I’m going to contribute in paying for it as Sqn Ldr Lunnon-Wood RAF.....(retd).

Whilst the focus of the trips has been properties and schools, application forms and timing the various commutes I’ve also found time to investigate one or two courses. Again, good times.

What I’ve been left with is an ever-increasing urge to follow the game. Of course I’ll do whatever I need to do to ensure I help Hels with supporting the family but if I can do this following the dream I know I’ll be happy.

So over Greenland – how wonderfully ironic – I’ve found a new sense of purpose and drive to keep playing golf after the move in May and to get involved in whatever capacity I can.

Time to grab the spoon and feast.

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