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#20 - Once more into the breach - TSA here I come.

Whilst in Utah last weekend Hels and I made the snap decision to re-energise the search for our future home in the UK. With the help of Google and AMEX I’m now sat in the lounge at Heathrow for the flight home. 49 hours, 3 houses, 3 schools and 1 golf course after my arrival it’s time to head home for some much-needed rest.

Whilst there is much to discuss with ‘the Boss’ regarding where my clubs will be stored overnight I do know where they’ll be during the day; Eden Golf Club – a ray of light during the storm that was Dennis (who thinks up these names by the way?).

There will be more to follow as our journey from the Lux to the Lakes develops but it’s time to board the flight to Los Angeles International – where fun goes to die.

What I have found is that house hunting is just like golf. You only need one highlight on an otherwise crappy day to want to do it all again tomorrow.

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