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#17 - How not to trip on the dance floor

During my trip to Florida I was lucky enough to receive a 'passive' putter fitting. Passive in the fact that I wasn't aware most of the fitting had occurred - the bi-product of playing with a professional fitter.

The result; I now have a new putter but more importantly confidence on the green having been shown that my previous set up simply didn't suit my stroke resulting in a left-hand miss.

The putter is the club you'll use the most - fact. Regulation golf (scratch) will see 36 putts in any round yet I'll wager the flat-stick is left to the end of any fitting. The magnetic pull of tech-fuelled driver heads and wonderfully colourful shaft combinations relegate putters to a rather sad fitting epilogue. In hindsight this is simply crazy and has led me to think about wider life choices and daily transactions where I've perhaps picked the better looking 'sexy' option over what was arguably more beneficial.

My advice then (golf-wise) is to complete your putter fitting separately or at least start here before breaking 100mph swing speed in the bay. As for the fairways of life - perhaps try to look through the everyday unnecessary glamour and make a pragmatic choice with your desired outcome the deciding factor - even if this means your selection is more matte than gloss. If it helps my new putter is just so and it's awesome.

Sincere thanks to Jesse James Golf (Orlando) for getting me on track.

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