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#14 - The darkest hour is just before dawn.

I hope so.

Today I took our son to the practice area. I won't lie - whilst he asked to go I jumped at the chance to throw my clubs in the car. After last week in Florida I was keen to see the fruits of my labour back here in the Silver State. About twenty minutes in and I was ruing the decision and wishing we'd only dropped 60 balls rather than the 90 in the basket.

Either the Trackman algorithms are corrupt or fresh grass is my kryptonite. I simply can't replicate my synthetic performance outside and I'm stuck.

Reflection time. We have a lot on which is pretty stressful. Could this be creeping into my game? Retirement now days away, a house sale, a house purchase, cars to sell here, cars to buy there, move from Nevada to the UK, secure the new job (pending), kids schools (also pending) - the list goes on. No time for pity, we have a plan and several wall planners mapping out our final months in the United States. Just keep chipping away and the larger pieces will eventually fall.

Perhaps the same is true of my golf. Just keep swinging........

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