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#15 - "Stop Watching F****** Lost"

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

The words of Gary Vaynerchuk in 2008 still hold so much weight today although Lost is probably only available on the Hallmark channel.

So, we're not.

The TV is off and team L-W (the adult chapter) are sat working. Rather than watching the 2020 replacement of Lost we're making a difference. My wife to those she works with and for me, I hope, a difference for you. The site has another BLOG, 2 companies are now included within the Links area and I feel the sense of accomplishment. Good times.

The point is if you want something you need to go and find it. Business, pleasure, long term or instantaneous pleasure you're going to need to get involved before days become weeks and episodes become box sets. Relaxing is awesome but relaxing isn't by default the TV and a couch. It is however yours to sculpt, meld and revisit as and when you wish.

I'd throughly recommend watching the Vaynerchuk presentation and am keen to hear your thoughts. Possibly not one to watch with the children around given the title of the BLOG.

Relax folks......but never lay up.

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