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#13 - The Problem Child

In my case - the Driver. Kind of a limiting factor in the journey towards scratch golf (a zero handicap).

So the positives. Since I've started I've only played with single figure golfers, many of whom are scratch players themselves so whilst I'm losing almost every hole support is always there.

The negative. Not being able to find fairways off the tee is crushing on morale and affects shots two, three, four and so on.

Enter Yohan Seo. One of the nicest people I've ever met and now a friend for life. In the space of a week under Yo's watchful eye I've seen changes to kit, swing and mental set-up. Yohan took me under his wing and has been committed to ironing out the kinks in my swing and equipment to finally allow me a second shot into the green - something that has been missing to date.

It's been hard work. I haven't kept count but on Thursday alone I must have hit over 200 balls on Trackman - sincere thanks to Mike Kim and Ji Hwan Kim at Jesse James Golf, Orlando for allowing me to spend a day with them in the bay. Mike working throughout the day tweaking my set-up to bring the dispersion in whilst pushing the distance out.

The results. I still have work to do but thanks to Yohan, Mike, Ji and Ryan I'm in the best possible place to routinely find the fairway. The photo below my last shot of the Florida trip, taken with Yohan who drove me to a local range prior to his own commitments. Hitting balls at 7AM armed with a 'Bucks' is an awesome way to start any day!

The biggest step forward has been mindset and relaxation in the setup. Happiness breeds confidence which in turn brings success. Post ball strike be passive in body and mind.

Thanks Yo.


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