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#12 - The week that was

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

I've made it to Indianapolis and have been fortunate enough to find a table for supper across from 'A16' and the flight home. So far so good. I can't read the details from here but I'm wagering the fact the surrounding box is green that the flight is on time. This provides more than enough opportunity to document what has been an incredible week of personal discovery both on and off the course.

So in no particular order a quick break down of what I've achieved since Sunday;

Rounds at the Legends at Orange Lake and the Champions Gate Country Club, an afternoon at Winter Park 9 with a fantastic group of guys including a Tour player. PGA Tour Demo Day, the PGA Show and a full day with Mike Kim (Tour fitter) witnessing both shaft 'puring' and 'hot melt' processes. Meeting Kim Braly of KBS (Kim Braly Shafts) and playing with Bradley of Bradley Putters. A putting lesson using BLAST and the opportunity to meet with some of the US Wilson golf sales team.

Rough numbers from the course(s). 3 Birdies, 15 Pars and 1 Alligator. The rest a work in progress but thats another post to come.

My thanks to all those who've supported me this week. Without @ryan.golfs @golf4purpose @desertfoxgolf @thegolfingdads @rockstar_golf @bradleyputters @therealrossbeal @kevogolf @beach_golfer76 @joerican23 to name but a few this week wouldn't have been possible.

Finally @hbgblvnv - someone who'll never allow me to simply lay up. Thank you.

Photo: Sunset over Winter Park 9.See more of it from the Erik Anders Lang Adventures in Golf episode.

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