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#11 - If you want to feast, grab a spoon.

After a gruelling day one; 27 holes and countless handshakes and life stories I made it to bed but not before a pre-snooze putting lesson from my roommate.

Eat - Sleep - Repeat. Day 2 - another 27 holes. This second 18 possibly the worst I've played in recent memory. I lost the ability to drive the ball.....completely.

I found it's all too easy to stay put in the comfort zone of one's current life. I was the only Brit, the only player without a handicap and by far the worst player there. Nervous? Of course, but the risk of failing so worth the myriad of gains simply being there provided.

Having received numerous tips and an invitation to have my swing and clubs analysed by a Tour Fitter it was time for a beer, or two. Not such a bad day after all.

In life, even if you have doubts - grab a spoon. If not you'll likely go hungry.

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