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#10 - Sometimes it is who you know...because you meet them.

Don't mull over the negatives. If I was I'd likely spend the whole BLOG discussing air travel and the misery of delays.

I made it to Florida (eventually) and the start of a bucket list week of epic proportions. 4 hours sleep after my arrival and I'm stood on the first tee of the Marriot Training Academy 9 hole-course for a pre-match warm up. I could have stayed in bed, I had a plausible excuse after all. I played ok christening the clubs in the joys of Bermuda grass which for desert players best described as the worst parts of the (chipping) Bible. The huge win - I had gained another friend.

Opportunities are everywhere. They simply often don't present themselves as planned. Like London buses the key is to climb aboard whenever you can. Just keep your wits about you - in my case watching for Alligators and Snakes.

Sincere thanks to Ryan Hardenbrook of the 'Breakfast ball'* BLOG team and Clayton Brown of Wilson Golf USA.

*Breakfast ball - The US terminology to the UK Mulligan. The opportunity to retake one's first shot of the day citing it as breakfast ball that is likely in a bush, lake or someones front yard.

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